The Best Gifts for the Men on Your List – 2022

 November 17, 2022

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, father, brother, or boyfriend in 2022, these are the best holiday gifts for all of the men on your list! From the comfiest joggers to the best gadgets, there is truly something for everyone on this list, at a variety of different price points to match every budget!

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When it comes to holiday shopping, I hear from so many people that shopping for the men in their life proves to be the hardest. And truth be told, I AGREE! As a wife to my husband Greg, and a moon to two boys, I can attest that shopping for men (and boys) is definitely the hardest. Especially, if they aren’t super vocal about what they could want. But that is why I am here!

This is the ultimate men’s gift guide for 2022, full of picks that were approved by my husband himself. And, like with all of my gift guides, there are plenty of options under $100, making these gifts perfect for every budget. What could be better than that?!

01. – The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Book

Curling up with a good book is the perfect way to unwind this holiday season, and a great option is “The Storyteller” by Dave Grohl. It’s a memoir that’s full of music history, and is a read that almost anyone will enjoy!

02. – Stanley Wide Mouth Flask

Stanley tumblers have taken over the internet lately, and that’s because they’re high-quality and made to keep your drinks cooler for longer. This wide mouth flask not only has a simple, sleek design, but is perfect for taking on-the-go.

03. – Archer Barware Set

My husband, Greg is big on making cocktails, so one year I gifted him a beautiful barware set that he still uses to this day! This beautiful, gold and glass barware set is the perfect way to elevate their mixology game, and bonus points: it will also look beautiful in your kitchen. Truly, it’s a gift for both of you.

04. – Rothy’s Sneakers

A new pair of sneakers is a gift that almost anyone can appreciate, and lately, I’ve been loving these Rothy’s sneakers. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they are also made of recycled water bottles, so they are sustainably-made and good for the environment as well!

05. – Brass Bottle Opener

Sometimes, it’s the little gifts that are the best ones. This brass bottle opener not only has a beautiful design, but is perfect for popping in their pockets and taking on-the-go!

06. – Shinola Wallet

Is it a universal theme that all men have wallets that are falling apart?! I’m joking, but if your man is constantly carrying around a wallet that is on its way out, why not treat them to a new one? Shinola makes high quality, beautiful wallets that are made to withstand time.

07. – Retrospec Beaumont Bike

This is definitely a bigger gift, but if you are looking to *really* spoil your man this holiday season, why not treat him to a brand new bike? This bike not only has a beautiful profile, but is perfect for riding around the city!

08. – Outdoor Voices Primo Fleece Joggers

A good pair of joggers is an essential in any man’s wardrobe, and these Outdoor Voices joggers are perfect year-round! They’re cute enough to wear to the coffee shop, and rugged enough to wear on his favorite hikes.

09. – AARKE Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker

This sparkling water maker makes drinking water so much more fun. It’s slim enough to fit on any countertop, and is so much better than drinking a La Croix. Trust me. 😉

10. – Custom Football Book

These beautiful coffee table books are custom made and filled with beautiful photos and rich history of your man’s favorite football team. It’s the perfect gift for the football fanatics in your life!

11. – Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill

If your man loves to grill, but lives in an apartment or doesn’t have access to an outdoor space, then this is truly the PERFECT gift! This nonstick grill is perfect for popping onto your stove, so you can have the perfectly grilled steak, any time.

12. – Portable Campfire Starter

For the more outdoorsy man in your life, why not make their camping trips a bit easier? This portable campfire starter is a super simple way to get a raging fire in minutes, and is the perfect size for taking on the go.

13. – Apple Watch Ultra

I can’t live without my Apple Watch, and neither can my husband Greg. We use them to track our workouts, steps, respond to text messages, and spend less time on our phones. If your man doesn’t have an Apple Watch, then this is a great gift for them!

14. – Crosley Radio Tuner Record Player

If the man in your life is in need of a new hobby, why not get them started with record collecting? This Crosley record player is not only the perfect way to get started, but also will look great as a decor piece in any home.

15. – Timberland Premium Waterproof Boots

A good pair of boots is a classic wardrobe staple, especially this time of year. These Timberland Waterproof Boots are not only perfect for rainy, winter days, but they’re durable for all of your man’s outdoor excursions throughout the year.

16. – Oura Ring

This sleek ring is not just for looks; it monitors your sleep patterns, your workouts, your body’s vitals, and your overall health. And the best part is, all that you need to do is wear it!

17. – Fellow Stagg Pour Over Set

Making coffee at home is not only a simpler, easier, and more cost-effective way to get your morning fix, but it is also a ritual as well. This pour over set is the perfect way to help your man elevate his morning cup of coffee.

18. – Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

This digital camera shoots high quality images, as well as videos in 4K resolution, and is perfect for documenting travels, everyday life, or even for creating content! If the man in your life has an eye for photo and/or video, then this makes for a great, luxurious gift.

19. – Youth to the People Skincare Set

EVERYONE needs a skincare routine – period. But let’s face it, most men don’t have one (or even worse… they wash their face with shampoo). A skincare set is the perfect way to get them started with the habit of taking care of their skin, and Youth to the People is a great clean, sensitive skin-friendly skincare brand.

20. – Amazon Kindle

If your man loves reading, then a Kindle makes the perfect gift for them! They are small and perfect for traveling with, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even pre-load it with some of his favorite books.

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