My Top 10 Workout Essentials

 March 15, 2021

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to workout. Working out is something I do, 4-5 days each week, to take care of my physical and mental health. Quite simply, it’s a non-negotiable in my life; something I prioritize over everything. I’ll even go on the record and say that I prioritize it more than my family. WHY? Because my own mental well-being is paramount so that I can be a better wife, mother, and friend! If you think that makes me selfish, you are right. Selfish isn’t always bad thing. 

So today I thought I’d share my top 10 workout essentials – things I love.

Because it’s true what they say: if you feel good in what you are wearing, then you are more likely to continue the healthy habit of a regular workout routine.

No. 1. – The best ever crop tank! I have this tank in 4 different colors and I am OBSESSED! The way it’s cut is super flattering, especially for short torso gals like me!

No. 2. –The leggings I own in every single color! I have tried every single workout brand on the planet, and years later, I am still obsessed with the Lululemon Align’s! They are super high-waist and come above the belly button, which, again, is essential for short torso gals like myself. In addition, I’ve had two kids and I do have a little tummy pooch, which I’m fine with and that I love; but, these leggings make me feel extra comfortable in my skin!

No. 3. –Wireless AirPods, because we need to listen to music and we need to be hands-free! Last year I splurged on the Apple wireless air pods and my life has been changed. They are so comfortable – even for my odd-shaped ears, and the sound quality is amazing. Expensive, but worth every single penny.

No. 4. –The best – and most stylish – training shoes. Ok, so up until last year, I was an Adidas Ultra Boost gal, through and through. And sure, I still love them. I’m not breaking up with them. But, I discovered APL, specifically the Techloom Wave style, and I am obsessed. They have the perfect arch and they are so stylish! I recommend the solid black because they don’t show dirt, and match every cute workout outfit!

No. 5. –The best tote, that will function as your daily purse! For years, I have been an MZ Wallace fan. I have several of their bags, and they do not disappoint. My bag of choice is always the Medium Metro Tote and I think the black is super chic! It’s a basic that will be in your wardrobe forever, and you’ll use it for everything, not just a gym bag!

No. 6. –A little pre-workout energy drink, if ya know what I mean! I love a little energy boost before a workout. Sure, a solid snack is essential for fuel, but a pre-workout drink adds an extra boost. I have been a fan of Celsius for many years, because they work great and also don’t keep me awake at night.

No. 7. –Your perfect water bottle. I get it, water bottles are all over the place. But this one is my favorite, hands down. Not only does it look cool, I love the features; it always reminds me that I need to drink more water!

No. 8. –A little extra weight! When ever I am at home, I throw on my Bala bangles! They weigh only 1 pound, but it’s a great (and very easy) way to build those arm muscles with little effort. Or, put them on during a workout, for a little extra burn!

No. 9. –Your skin is important too, you need these face wipes! We all know that after a workout, it’s essential to wash your face. But if you aren’t coming home immediately after, then what’s one to do? You need to keep these Ursa 4 in 1 Essential Face Wipes in your bag at all times. After every single workout, I use one to wipe my face; I totally attribute these wipes to the reason I hardly ever have any post-workout breakouts!

No. 10. –Scrunchies that actually protect your hair. I have very thin and fragile hair. As a result, it’s really important that I wear scrunchies that protect against breakage; because after all, during a workout, there’s often a lot of jumping, running and/or movement, our hair takes a toll. I always stock up on these from Athleta, and my hair has never been happier. You’re welcome!

I hope you love all of my picks! If you shop, I do receive a small affiliate commission, which helps support my business, so I truly appreciate it! And in the process, I hope you find some amazing new things that make you look and feel your best!

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