10 Home Decor Items I’m Loving Lately

 September 28, 2021

Today on the blog, we’re shaking things up and talking all things home decor. I’ll admit, home decor is NOT my forte, and for many years, I’ve struggled to find my personal interior design style. But, after time spent learning from friends, I’ve come to find that having a beautifully-decorated home doesn’t have to be all that complicated!

In fact, it really comes down to finding pieces that you love that are functional AND feel pretty to look at. It’s not about making your home feel like a catalogue cover (unless you’re using your space to take photos, in which case, maybe some staging is required). It’s about finding ways to make your house feel more like a home. Because after all, that’s what it is. It’s a space that should feel like YOU.

In my effort to make my home feel more like “me,” something that I’ve admittedly struggled with, I’m excited to share a few different home decor items that I’ve been loving lately. The best part is, these are all, for the most part, fairly affordable, and are a great way to start elevating your space, and making it feel more like “you,” today!

1. West Elm Lumbar Throw Pillow

Everyone needs a good pillow this season, and this lumbar pillow from West Elm is SO cute. I love the neutral colors, and how it feels so cozy and perfect for Fall, yet can really work any time of year!

I would lay this pillow across my bed, or even on my couch. With the mix of different textures, it’s both durable and luxurious, which I absolutely love!

Get it here: West Elm

2. CB2 Mushroom Table Lamp

Okay, how freaking cute is this lamp?! This cottage core vibes are HOT this year, and this mushroom lamp is a fun (and gorgeous) way to subtly jump into the trend. I love how playful and unique it feels, while also not being too eccentric. It could easily slip into any design, which I think makes it such a fun addition for the Fall!

Get it here: CB2

3. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Let’s be honest, a thick blanket is a necessity anytime of year. I don’t care if it’s the dead of summer, I still will always curl up with a blanket! This chunky knit throw from Amazon is such a good price, and looks so cozy. As the weather starts to get cold, I will definitely be ordering this one!

Get it here: Amazon

4. Gold Bar Cart

Even if you don’t drink, a bar cart is such a fun accessory. Coffee or tea cart? Boom, done. Looking for somewhere funky to display your artwork? Then look no further. With the holiday season right around the corner, this could be such a cute way to store presents, or even hang stockings, if you don’t have a fireplace!

Plus, this one from West Elm is a classic, and will never go out of style.

Get it here: West Elm

5. Circular Ceramic Vase

Don’t knock Amazon when it comes to home decor, because you can find some amazing pieces there. Like, this circular ceramic vase. It looks so high-end and luxurious, yet it’s under $30. I know, crazy, right?!

One thing that I’ve been learning is that when it comes to home decor, sometimes you just need that *one* accessory or decor piece to really tie a room together. To me, I feel like this vase is one of those pieces that could really help bring a room to life. 

Get it here: Amazon

6. Arched Mantle Mirror

Arched mirrors are all the rage lately, and tbh, I’m HERE FOR IT. It’s such a fun and funky way to add a bit of texture and shape to any room. I love this mirror for on a mantle, or even on top of a table! In my opinion, the shape helps add some personality to any space, which is why I love it so much.

Get it here: Amazon

7. Faux Houseplants

I’m going to be honest here and say that I cannot keep plants alive for the life of me. Yup, I said it; I am awful with plants. I always thought this meant that I couldn’t have any plants in my home, but lately, I’ve fallen in-love with faux plants.

Faux plants are a super easy and hassle-free way to add the coziness and vibrancy that greenery adds to a space, without all of the works! They are a little more expensive than your typical houseplant, but the good news is that they won’t die, so you can potentially keep them forever!

Get it here: West Elm

8. Terrazzo Coasters

Coasters may seem like an odd pick for a home decor post, but hear me out. In my opinion, everything that you keep within your home contributes to the decor and the overall aesthetic! These coasters are not only practical, but such a fun way to contribute to the terrazzo trend that has been all the rage in the home decor world, lately.

Best part is, if you’re someone who likes to change their style a lot like I do, then you’re not locked into a funky pattern that you may not like the same a year from now. These coasters are under $10, so replacing them in the future is no big deal.

Get it here: Amazon

9. Removable Wallpaper

I know what you’re probably thinking: isn’t wallpaper super outdated?! TBH, I thought the same thing until I was shown otherwise. Traditional, faded, floral wallpaper may not be the greatest look (no shame if you love this, it’s just not for me), however removable wallpaper can be super fun!

This wallpaper comes in so many different colors, textures, and prints, and the best part is, it’s peel-and-stick. Pick a trendy pattern and get sick of it? Just peel it off! Renting and want a way to jazz up your walls without painting? No problem! It’s super fun, and the hardest part is just deciding which pattern to get.

Get it here: Amazon

10. Woven Baskets

This may seem like a no-brainer, but having a nice woven basket not only makes your space look prettier, but can make your mess look less messy. With two little boys, I’m no stranger to having plastic toy trucks and sports gear thrown around my living room. Instead of worrying about putting it away on a shelf or in a cabinet, I simply have a large woven bin that I throw their toys into.

Not only does it make the room look nicer, and help contain the mess, but it also makes cleanup a LOT easier. And lord knows, with two little boys, I’m looking for any way to make my life easier than I can! Ha!

Get it here: Amazon


I hope you enjoyed this post, and found some new inspiration for decorating your space! If you decide to pick up any of these pieces, tag me in an Instagram story or post so I can see! And, don’t forget to leave a review below, so other people can find this post and get inspired too! xx


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