My Summertime Fitness Essentials

 July 27, 2021

One of the most important things to me is fitness. Since I was 17 years-old I’ve been actively working out, and my love for fitness has carried me through many seasons of life. No matter what I’m doing, I always make sure to prioritize my workouts. It’s something that brings me immense joy, and is an important outlet for me in this crazy life!

I’ve tried almost every workout imaginable, over the years, and as such, I’ve tried out a LOT of different workout essentials. From protein powders to leggings, sneakers to yoga mats, I’ve tried it all. And let me tell you… there has been a lot of trial-and-error in that. 

In this post, I’ll be rounding up my 10 favorite fitness essentials. These are all products that are the crème de la crème of fitness products, in my opinion, and I use these almost every day! I highly recommend saving this post for when you’re ready to elevate your fitness game, because these products will change your life.

1. Lululemon Align Pants

The famous Lululemon Align Pants – I promise, they are as good as everyone says! These pants have gained quite the following over the years, and for a good reason. They’re high-quality, buttery soft, and are super thin. It almost feels as if you’re wearing nothing at all, but in the best way possible!

These pants are super supportive for almost all workouts, and look flattering on everyone. I highly recommend investing in a few pairs, if you can, because they are LEGIT! Oh, and they hold up great over time, so you’ll spend less time (and $$$) replacing your other pairs. Get a plain black pair and then invest in some of the fun colors!

I am 5’5 and wear a size 4, and I prefer the 28′ inch because I like the look of longer pants. If you are shorter or like a cropped pant, go with the 25′ inch.

2. Lululemon Align Reversible Bra 

And of course, you need the matching bra to go with your leggings! This bra is made for A/B cup size, but considering I am a large C and am obsessed with it, says something! Not only is it super supportive, it’s reversible, so it’s basically like getting two bras in one! It’s made with the same buttery material as the Align leggings. You need it. 

And, if you need a tank top more than you need yet another sports bra, check out the Align tank top. I want it in every single color!

3. APL Streamline Sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know my obsession with APL. They make the best sneakers- HANDS DOWN. I have them in so many colors and, like the Align pants, they are crucial to both my daily routine, and my workout routine.

And, they just launched THE most beautiful and sleep running shoes, ever, the Streamline. Yes, they are pricey, but worth it. I have them in the fun leopard print, and although they are meant to be a running shoe, I wear them more as an everyday shoe, paired with sweats and a tank. 

If you aren’t into the Streamline, then I also recommend the Women’s Techloom Phantom. I have them in about 5 different colors, and I use them for running, training, and to run errands.

4. Lululemon Belt Bag

And now that we’ve got the leggings, the bra, and the sneakers, we need to complete the look… with a belt bag, a more glamorous way to describe a fanny pack! This Lululemon belt bag has also been all over Instagram, but like the Align set, it’s for a good reason. This is the PERFECT fanny pack for keeping your belongings safe and out of your hands while you work out.

It’s incredibly light, can be worn like a crossbody bag or across the hips, and holds way more than it looks. I can comfortably fit my phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and a pair of sunglasses inside. This is also a great purchase if you’re a mom with littles, who needs to keep her hands free. 

Get it in black, so it’s something you can wear with anything. 

5. Bala Bangles

You might have seen these Bala Bangles all over your Instagram feed, and that’s for a good reason. These are some of my FAVORITE weights. Not only are they beautifully designed (and come in amazing colors), but they’re perfect to incorporate into your workouts.

I love using these weights when I’m doing pilates or yoga, to add a bit of resistance into my workout. I also love them for when I’m just walking around the house and want to get my legs working! They come in 1lb and 2lb sizes, but I personally like the 1lb, especially if I am wearing them around town.  

6. Outdoor Voices Mega Fleece Sweatshirt 

Is there anything better than finishing a tough workout early in the morning, and then getting back to your car, grabbing a hot coffee, and pulling on a cozy sweatshirt?! Maybe it’s a niche scenario, but it’s something that brings me joy! If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that I actively workout outside, in the morning, in San Francisco, and sometimes it gets COLD. 

Once that workout high has started to fade, my thin activewear is not enough to keep me warm. So, I recently picked up this Outdoor Voices Mega Fleece Sweatshirt from their shop on Hayes st., and let me tell you, this keeps me nice and warm.

It’s so cozy thanks to the recycled wool they use (but it’s not titchy), and because it’s so cozy, it sells out very quickly. I recommend getting your hands on one ASAP if you can. They are seriously worth it.

7. Lululemon Align Shorts 6’Inch

Meet my most favorite biker shorts, ever. Just like the Align leggings, the Align shorts are incredible too. They mold to your body and don’t give you camel toe! I have them three pairs of them in black. I wear them for workouts and I also wear them around town paired with a white tank and white sneakers – SO CUTE! They come in 4’inch, 6’inch, and 8’inch, and I feel like the 6’inch is the perfect length, they aren’t too short and they aren’t too long. 

8. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

If we’re going to work out, we need a good water bottle. Staying hydrated is a MUST when you’re working out hard (and even when you’re not), so I always make sure to carry a full water bottle with me at all times.

I really love the LARQ water bottle, and before you gawk at a $95 water bottle (I know, I did too), here’s why it’s worth the price: for starters, it’s a filtering water bottle. Meaning, it purifies your water before you drink it. And, unlike some filtering water bottles where you have to regularly buy and change the filters, the LARQ has a built-in UV light that purifies the water and self-cleans the bottle every 2 hours (or on demand, at the press of a button).

No filters, no washing, and clean water. Does it get better than that? No matter where I am, I can rest assured that I’m drinking clean water, which makes the price of this bottle absolutely worth it, in my opinion. 

9. LiquidIV Hydration Powder

And because hydration is the name of the game, it’s important to make sure that our body is actually absorbing our water, rather than just flushing it out. To do that, we need electrolytes, which we can get through putting a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in our water, or, even better (and tastier), by using a hydration powder

I love LiquidIV because they are not only full of electrolytes, but also five essential vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C). They also come in a ton of different flavors that make your water taste delicious! A little goes a long way, so I recommend only using half a packet at a time, but you do you, boo!

10. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

I’ll admit that I don’t do yoga often, but when I do, I go all out. Investing in a nice yoga mat really changed my practice. It’s just the right amount of cushion to help me feel supported while in difficult poses, and is non-slip, so even in hot yoga, I can comfortably hold my poses.

I love this mat by Alo Yoga. It is an investment for a yoga mat, but, like for the LARQ water bottle, it’s something that I feel is absolutely worth it. I’ve tried the less expensive yoga mats before, and none of them hold up, or provide the same support, that this one does.

If you pick up any of these products, please be sure to leave a comment below, so that others can read your review!

And…since I practically live on Instagram, be sure to tag me in your fitness posts so I can repost! Enjoy! xx


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  1. I loooooove align pants as you recommended. Also ended up getting the align bra and biker shorts!!! I also have the bala bangles and love them. Next is APL shoes and now so curious with larq water bottle.

    • Wow, you are ON IT Milania!! I’m so happy you like them so much, and I hope you like the bra and biker shorts!