The Best Gifts for the Foodies On Your List – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

 November 7, 2023

If you’re looking for the best gifts to give to the foodies in your life this Christmas, then look no further because this list is it! From serving essentials to my favorite cookware, these gifts are sure to impress everyone from the most novice home cook to the culinary maven! Plus, this gift guide includes items at a range of different price points, so whether you’re shopping for a friend, a family member, a coworker, or a partner, all of the items on this list are sure to be a hit.

It wouldn’t be a Kalejunkie holiday gift guide without a special guide dedicated to the foodies in your life. After all, this IS a food blog, and if you’re here, I’m going to assume that you’re a foodie, too! Since I spent almost all day, every day, thinking about food or dreaming up your next favorite food creation, it should come as no surprise that putting together this gift guide is my favorite!

All of these items are ones that I use in my own home kitchen, and have been put to use time and time again by myself and my team. In fact, if you watch my reels carefully, you might even spot some of these items being used in creating my recipes!

From my video-famous vegetable chopper to my favorite storage containers and even my very own cookbook, all of these gifts are ones that come straight from my heart. I love them so much, and I know that the foodies in your life will love them, too!

01. Meg Quinn Charcuterie Board – This wooden board is perfect for arranging a beautiful charcuterie display in a matter of minutes! With individual indents showing how to place cheese, meats, fruits, and spreads, you don’t need to be a food stylist in order to have beautifully-arranged charcuterie boards!

02. ZWILLING Glass Vacuum Starter Set – This 32 piece set is the perfect way to set yourself up for the freshest food! Whether you’re looking to store, sous vide, marinate, or prep, this set contains glass containers, BPA-free reusable bags, and ZWILLING’s vacuum storage system to keep air out of your food, ensuring it stays fresher for longer.

03. Wine & Cheese Board Deck – This fun and interactive deck is a way to both play with and enjoy your food! Not only does it tell you how to pair cheese and wine for the perfect flavor combinations, but it’s the perfect gift when paired alongside the charcuterie board above.

04. Aerogarden – I have been obsessed with my Aerogarden ever since I got it a few months ago. It’s an at-home, indoor herb garden that is so low maintenance, anyone can grow their own herbs! It’s the perfect gift for someone who cooks a lot and wants the freshest herbs available right in their own kitchen.

05. Staub Cast Iron Skillet – A cast iron skillet is an essential in any kitchen, and this one by Staub is made to last generations. You can fry, sear, and bake almost anything in this skillet – plus, it’s oven safe as well!

06. Stoneware Dinnerware Set – This luxurious dining set is both practical and stylish. It’s dishwasher safe and durable, making it perfect for everyday use, and looks gorgeous sitting on a countertop or in open shelving!

07. Stainless Steel Pots & Pans Set – This 10-piece stainless steel pots and pans set is an absolute essential in my kitchen. I use them every day! They’re built to last and are truly perfect for foodies and home chefs alike!

08. Glass Salad Bowl – Every dish instantly looks better when it’s served in a beautiful container, and this glass salad bowl is a beautiful and luxurious way to serve your favorite Kalejunkie salad creations!

09. Breville Coffee Maker – This coffee maker is built to last, and is used every day in my household! It’s an investment piece, but it’s one that will be a part of your kitchen for years to come.

10. Ninja Air Fryer – This sleek air fryer isn’t just for frozen food – it’s the perfect way to prepare your favorite veggies or shrimp tacos in a pinch!

11. Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set – One thing that both the home cook and esteemed chef can agree on? A good knife set is absolutely essential, and can make or break your food prep. This set includes all of the knifes that you could need, plus a self-sharpening block, so you can rest assured that your knives will always be sharp.

12. Electric Wine Bottle Opener – Say goodbye to struggling to open bottles of wine. This electric wine opener works in a matter of seconds and is one of my favorite kitchen tools!

13. Colorful Wine Glasses – These colorful glasses are sure to add a statement to any kitchen!

14. Bar Cart – A beautiful bar cart is an absolute “must” for displaying all of your favorite glassware and drinks! This one is gorgeous and is perfect for the foodie who also enjoys entertaining.

15. Veggie Chopper – This veggie chopper has become my most-used kitchen gadget EVER! It chops, slices, and dices any veggies in a matter of seconds, saving you much-needed prep time in the kitchen!

16. LOVE TO EAT Cookbook – Of course, I couldn’t make a foodie gift guide without recommending my pride and joy: my cookbook! This cookbook is filled with over 70+ of my favorite recipes and is also a guide to intuitive eating.

17. ZWILLING Food Storage Containers – These food storage containers have been a complete game-changer for me! The vacuum-sealed storage design ensures that food stays fresh for longer.

18. Cookbook Stand – There’s nothing worse than trying to follow a cookbook recipe, only to have to try to keep the pages of the book open while you cook. This handy cookbook stand allows any cookbook to lay open flat, so you never have to lose your page again.

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