The Kalejunkie Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

 November 21, 2021

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year – the holidays! Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner?! I am so excited for the holidays this year, and I’m even more excited this year to bring you the ultimate treat: My annual Kalejunkie Holiday Gift Guide!


There has been so much love and intention packed into this gift guide, and I could not be more excited to be bringing it to you. But this isn’t just your average blogger gift guide. These are unique picks that you may not find on other gift guides, and this year, I have included 20 different options in each category. 20! 

All of the gifts come in a wide range of prices, too. Here, you’ll find gifts for $20, and gifts for over $200. I truly believe there is something for everyone, and every budget!

This was intentional on my part, because I wanted to create a gift guide that would truly work for everyone. I know the struggle all too well of trying to find the **perfect** gift, only to realize it’s not within your budget. My hope is that this can be a gift guide that you can reference over and over, anytime you need to find that perfect gift! Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect gift for your bff’s birthday, I have got you COVERED with these picks!

This year, the gift guide covers four distinct categories: Foodies, Kids, Wellness, and Men. These are four categories that will help you check off almost everyone on your list! Feel free to peruse the whole guide, or use the links below to jump to each individual guide. 

I am so excited to be sharing this with you, and may your holiday shopping be a little more “Merry and Bright!” 

For the Foodies

01. – Kosterina Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set

A good olive oil should be a staple in anyone’s kitchen, and I LOVE this olive oil set from Kosterina. Their vibrant, full-bodied oils are what I use in my kitchen, and are perfect for cooking with as well as garnishing soups, salads, and more!

02. – Our Place “Perfect Pot”

You’ve heard of the famous Always Pan, now meet the Perfect Pot. This is the perfect kitchen essential for anyone who loves to cook! From boiling to crisping to steaming and more, this pan can do it all, and will become one of the most versatile tools in your entire kitchen! Plus, the colors are absolutely to die for, and will look gorgeous sitting on anyone’s countertop.

03. – Truff  “Truffle Hot Sauce”

This truffle hot sauce has quite the reputation, and for a good reason. It is SO GOOD! Over the past few years, Truff has received quite a bit of hype, but don’t let that stop you from trying it; it’s the perfect combination of a little spicy and lots of deep, truffle-y flavor; you may be so obsessed, that you’ll want to put it on everything!

04. – Madre Mezcal

Nothing says the holidays like a bottle of booze, and this Madre Mezcal is definitely the winner, this holiday season. Not only is it a beautiful, slightly smoky-sweet, full-spectrum mezcal, but the branding is so gorgeous, it’ll double as a decor piece! It’s a two-in-one, and a total win-win!

05.- Nespresso Vertuo “Next” Espresso Machine

If your Foodie Friends (or loved one) has STILL yet to upgrade their coffee game, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. In other words, you gotta get them a Nespresso! I love my Nespresso so much, and at $150, this is one of the best-priced ones on the market.

06. – Molly Baz “Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach & Recipes to Repeat”

This is the book to get for the person who’s always looking for something fun to make! You may know Molly Baz from her Bon Appetit Test Kitchen fame, and this book is full of her best, vibrant, delicious recipes! From Chickpea Carbonara to her famous Cae Sal (aka Caesar Salad), these recipes are sure to both excite and impress!

07. – Williams Sonoma Roe Caviar Gift Crate

We all have that friend who’s a little bit bougie, so why not indulge them with this Caviar gift set? Fresh caviar and blinis make for the perfect afternoon snack, whenever the desire to feel a little fancy, strikes 😉 

08. – Alfred Matcha Gift Set

Alfred is THE quintessential Los Angeles coffee shop, but while they excel at coffee, their matcha is also top-tier. Sourced in Japan, this high-quality matcha is absolutely delicious, and I love this cute gift set they’ve put together!

09. – Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you or someone you know is someone that is always running to the microwave to reheat their coffee, then this mug is a MUST! This Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps your coffee (or tea!) at the perfect temperature, always, so you don’t have to waste precious time reheating your coffee.

10. – Mariposa Bakery Gluten-Free Chocolate Croissants

Mariposa is a not-so-secret Bay Area institution, particularly if you’re gluten-free! They make gluten-free (and allergen-friendly) versions of the treats that you know and love, and their croissants are the real deal. And lucky for you, if you’re not in the Bay Area, you can now get them shipped nationwide! Woohoo!

11. – Flowerhead Tea Chai Kit Duo Set

Flowerhead Tea is another Bay Area local brand (they’re woman-founded and based in Oakland), and they make some of the absolute BEST teas. Take my word for it, if there’s a tea lover in your life, then they need to try Flowerhead Tea.

12. – Crate & Barrel Ribbed Highball Glass Set

These glasses have been ALL OVER TikTok and Instagram, and for a good reason; they’re so damn cute! A set of these would make for the perfect gift for the love one who values function AND style.

13. – Jacobsen Salt Co. 12 Vial Salt Set

Is there truly a bigger flex than pulling out a vile of artisanal salt to finish your meal with?! I don’t think so. Jacobsen Salt Co. is the BEST, and this sampler set is a great way to experiment with cooking and eating all different kinds of salt!

14. – Artisan Artifacts Pour Over Set

While the famed Chemex is arguably beautiful, this pour over set is even more gorgeous. It’s a way to make your morning coffee a little more elevated, which can make all of the difference in your day!

15. – Food52 Bamboo Cutting Board

A good cutting board is often an underrated gift, and this bamboo one by Food52 is the perfect combination of function and design (can you sense a theme to this gift guide?!) This is an especially great gift for someone who has recently moved into a new home, or is just getting into cooking!

16. – Mike’s Hot Honey Variety Pack

If you haven’t had hot honey yet, then you haven’t truly lived. I’m kidding! But Mike’s Hot Honey has become a new pantry staple of mine, and is so good on everything from pizza to French fries to even chicken wings, and is the perfect gift for that adventurous foodie friend.

17. – Turquoise Air Fryer

There’s only two things to say about this one: 1. Everyone needs an air fryer in their life RIGHT NOW (especially so you can make my viral Pasta Chips recipe!) and 2. If you have an air fryer, you need to get a cute one. It’s just more fun!

18. – Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

A pizza oven may seem like an unconventional gift, but in my book, it’s the ULTIMATE gift. Nothing says “I love you” more than pizza. Oh, and take it from me: gifting this to a friend may or may not result in regular pizza parties. You’re welcome.

19. – Cast Iron 4-qt Round Cocotte

The first way to say “I love you” is with pizza. The second, is with a dutch oven. These bad boys last a lifetime, and are perfect for all of your cozy, delicious, winter cooking!

20. – Milk Bar “The Double Truffle”

When I lived in New York City, I LOVED going to get a truffle or two from Milk Bar. And lucky for you, they ship nationwide! These truffles are melt-in-your-mouth cakey goodness, and are perfect for the friend who has a bit of a sweet tooth.

21. – The Cheese Board Deck

Who doesn’t love a good cheese board?! This is the PERFECT gift for the host or hostess in your life, or for anyone who is looking to “up” their cheese board styling game!

For the Kids

01. – Lovevery Montessori Playshelf

Loveevery is known for their Montessori toys, and with toys for all ages, from newborn to toddler, there is something for everyone! These aren’t your conventional plastic toys, but they are high quality and are sure to bring tons of fun to a child’s life!

02. – Pottery Barn Wooden Shopping Cart

This wooden shopping cart is way too cute, and is super high-quality and sturdy! Perfect for littles who like to play rough with their toys.

03. – Lalo “Play Kit”

Mid-Century Modern kid’s furniture? I think yes. This little table and chair set would look effortlessly chic in any home, and is the perfect size for your littles to feel like, well, little adults!

04. – Jellycat “Bashful Bunny” Stuffed Animal

Jellycat makes the softest, coziest stuffed animals that are built to last. I could totally see this being a kid’s new best friend! There’s so many options to choose from, but this Bashful Bunny was too cute to not include.

05. – Hanna Andersson Long John Pjamas

Hanna Andersson makes the highest quality kid’s pjs at a relatively affordable price. Plus, they come in tons of cute patterns, with matching sets available for adults and pets too!

06. – Maisonette Table Top Tool Bench

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about raising two little boys, it’s that boys love their tools. It’s true! While of course they’re too young to play with real tools, I love this wooden tool bench. It’s perfect for endless hours of independent play, which is perfect in my book!

07. -Natemia Ultra Soft Hooded Bath Robe

Ending bath time with a cute, cozy robe is the perfect way to ensure that they’ll fall asleep after! Plus, this robe is just way too cute, and will make bath time so much more fun!

08. – Gap Kids Leather Moto jacket

There are few things cuter than a kid’s Moto jacket, and this one from Gap is perfect! It comes in a wide range of sized for both little kids and big kids alike, and is a staple for those colder winter days.

09. – Mon Petit Morphée Kid’s Meditation Box

Teaching kids mindfulness is so important, and this meditation box is such an easy way! It comes with different sounds and a timer to make their mindful moments fun and easy. I love letting my boys take turns picking out sounds, and they have so much fun with it!

10. – Wooden Coffee Maker Play set

Kids love to be involved in everything we’re doing, so why not let them get involved in our coffee routine? With this cute Wooden Coffee Maker Play Set, they can make coffee with you and feel included in the process.

11. – KidKraft Wooden Farm-t0-Table Play Kitchen

Nothing says 2021 like a Farm-to-Table play kitchen, and this one was way too cute to pass up. Plus, it’s also a great way to teach kids about where food comes from! Yay!

12. – Pottery Barn Kids Cozy Pom Recycled Sherpa Throw

A cozy blanket is always a must, no matter who you’re shopping for. Pottery Barn Kids makes some of the best kid-friendly blankets, and the pom moms make this one so fun!

13. – Dr. Martens Kids 1460 Boots

After including the Gap Kids Moto jacket, I couldn’t not include some little Dr. Martens. I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter in your whole life?!

14. – Tubby Todd “The Bubble Bundle”

Tubby Todd makes clean body care products with transparent ingredients that you can understand, which I personally love! Plus their bubble bath sets are a great way to make bath time even more fun.

15. – Gryph & IvyRose Kid’s Probiotic Chocolate Hearts

Let’s be real, getting kids to take their vitamins can often be a struggle. But getting kids to eat chocolate? TOO EASY! These chocolates are the best of both worlds because they taste like a yummy treat, but deliver a daily dose of probiotics. Mom win!

16. – West Elm “Foamnasium” Blocksy Kids Couch

This couch is a riff off of a popular kid’s couch, but is cuter and actually in-stock! 😉 I love this as a fun furniture and play piece that can adapt to their needs as they grow!

17. – Crate & Kids Indoor Bowling Set

This is the perfect activity for those rainy days inside, where kids need to get out some energy and let loose! I’m going to be getting this one for my boys, because it’s a safe indoor activity that’ll keep them entertained for hours on end.

18. – West Elm Kids “Groovy Swivel Chair”

A chair might seem like a weird gift, but I could see this being the star of a quiet reading nook for a slightly older kid! This one is super cozy too, and looks really cute!

19. – Plan Toys Wooden Tea Set

A tea set is a must for a kid; I still have mine from when I was little! This wooden one is such a fun twist, and will likely hold up for years to come!

20. – Bannor Toys “Counting Stars”

Counting blocks are out, counting stars are IN! For a toddler or younger child who is just learning their shapes and numbers, this would be a really fun gift.

For the Wellness Junkie

01. – Parachute Cloud Cotton Quilt

The absolute best bedding in the world is from Parachute Home; it’s cozy, it’s chic, it’s organic, it’s high-quality. And it will make you never want to leave your bed!

02. – Lululemon “Take Form” Yoga Mat

I’ve had a Lululemon yoga mat for years, and it runs circles around any other mat. It is a high quality investment, and is an absolute essential, in my book, for anyone who loves to work out!

03. – Slip “Beauty Sleep Collection” Gift Set

Slip’s sleep masks and pillow cases are made of high-quality silk to help preserve your skin and hair. I love this gift set; it’s the perfect introduction to Slip’s silk products!

04. – Maude “Vibe” Vibrator

This vibrator needs no introduction, because it is truly the BEST. It looks beautiful, feels beautiful, and is perfect for both solo and partner play (take my word for it). 

05. – Le Labo “Santal 26” Classic Candle

Le Labo has a cult-like following, and for a good reason. Their scents are clean, luxurious, and just overall lovely! Their candles make for the perfect gift, and are sure to bring warmth and coziness into any home!

06. – Creme De La Mer Duet Gift Set

I’ve yet to meet someone whose skin didn’t love La Mer; it’s the ultimate skincare, even if it is a bit expensive. This would make a great gift for a mom, mother-in-law, or someone who has really classic and refined taste!

07. – Bed of Nails Acupressure Pillow

Acupressure can be helpful for a variety of different ailments, or even just for promoting overall relaxation! This acupressure pillow is perfect for acupressure on-the-go, or anytime that you need to chill out a little bit.

08. – Anthropologie Fuzzy Slide Slippers

Fuzzy slippers are an absolute “must” in the winter time, and I love these adorable ones from Anthropologie!

09. – Stovetop Simmer Fragrance Kit(s)

Simmering spices on the stovetop is the best way to get that “Fall feeling” in your home, and these simmer kits make it super easy! These would be a great stocking stuffer, in my opinion!

10. – Faribault Monogram Wool Blend Throw Blanket

These monogram blankets remind me of the famed Hermes blanket, at a fraction of the price. It’s a cute way to add a personalized touch to your gifting!

11. – Moon Juice “Moon Juice Manual”

If you have a friend who is always using different herbs, mushrooms, and adaptogens in their cooking, then they will love this book. It not only breaks down the benefits of different herbs, but is full of delicious and easy recipes as well!

12. – Vitamin Professional Series 750 Blender

If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with my Vitamix. Like, really obsessed. This is my go-to kitchen tool for smoothies, soups, and really anything! If you have a friend who is always buying their smoothies out, get them this Vitamix so they can make them at home!

13. – The Five-Minute Journal

We all know journaling is beneficial, but how many of us actually do it? This Five Minute Journal literally only takes 5 minutes or less to fill out every day, and is the perfect way to begin a mindful journaling practice!

14. – Bala Bars

The Bala Bands (aka their ankle weights) made waves after their debut on Shark Tank, but their newest product, the Bala Bars, are must for any home workout routine! I love these for a gentler workout, like pilates or even yoga.

15. – Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit

Give the gift of a clean, non-toxic home this season, with my FAVORITE cleaning products ever: Branch Basics! Their starter gift is the gift that keeps on giving, with tons of different cleaning solution options rolled into their signature concentrate. This is the only product I use to clean my house, and is perfect for the friend who’s curious about non-toxic living and cleaning!

16. – Sakara Life Nootropic Chocolates

Looking for a fun, safe, and nutritious way to increase your creativity and focus? Then you’re going to want to try these Sakara Nootropic chocolates. These chocolates are loaded with adaptogens to help you power through your day feeling focused!

17. – “We’re Not Really Strangers” Card Game

This is not your average card game; this game is full of intimate questions to help you understand the people around you so much better. I love playing this game with my partner and close friends, and I’m always surprised how much more we learn about each other!

18. – Warby Parker Blue Light + Reading Glasses

Taking care of your eyesight is never overrated, and Warby Parker glasses are not only super high-quality, but are perfect for someone who works from home and wants to protect their eyes from the blue lights of their screen!

19. – Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak

This is one of the creamiest, dreamiest bath products on the market. I love this Coconut Milk Bath Soak for an even coziest and creamy bath, and to make your skin super soft!

20. – Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket

Just like I said in the kid’s gift guide, a good blanket is a must for everyone on your list. And while I included the Anthropologie monogram blanket earlier, this Bearaby knit blanket is chunky, cozy, weighted, and perfect for those afternoon naps!

For the Men

01. – Lululemon “ABC Jogger 30”

Just a quick google search of what Lululemon’s “ABC” technology stands for is enough to make these pants the perfect gift for any man. Don’t be shy, google it for yourself and you’ll see why!

02. – Apple Watch Series 7

An Apple Watch is a must for anyone who’s looking to spend less time on their phone, track their workouts, or simply wants a new tech gadget to play with. Even if the man in your life already has an Apple Watch, who says that the holidays aren’t a good time for an upgrade?!

03. – Gucci Silver Chain Bracelet 

Jewelry for men may be a rather controversial topic, but I personally love it. This Gucci bracelet is the perfect, chunky bracelet that is both timeless and timely. Is that possible? I think so.

04. – Everlane “Grade-A Cashmere Sweater”

A cashmere sweater is a “must” for any wardrobe, and Everlane makes the best cashmere. Plus, it’s ethically-sourced and made, and comes at a very affordable price, especially for its quality!

05. – Parachute “Cloud” Cotton Robe

I linked parachute sheets in my wellness gift guide, but the Parachute robe is the perfect cozy essential. Your man will feel like a King when he puts this on in the mornings – and he may never want to take it off!

06. – Theragun Prime

For the fitness enthusiast in your life, a Theragun is a lifesaver. It is a hand-held massage device that is perfect for soothing sore muscles and helping work out knots. I have one at home and I absolutely love it.

07. – Aesop “Rozu” Eau de Parfum

Aesop makes clean and natural skincare, household care, and fragrances, and their unisex colognes make for a perfect gift. This scent in particular is smokey and woodsy, and is perfectly masculine.

08. – Uniqlo Cashmere Knitted Beanie

Like with a cashmere sweater, a cashmere beanie is essential for keeping your head warm during the winter months! This one by Uniqlo comes in tons of colors, and the price point makes it a great stocking stuffer!

09. – APL Men’s “TechLoom Tracer” Dark Green Sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that both me and my husband are obsessed with our APL sneakers. They are truly the BEST sneakers I’ve ever tried, and my husband and I own more colors than I can count! These will become a staple in any man’s wardrobe, and are at the top of my gifting list this year!

10. – Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

Good skincare is often overlooked when it comes to men, but not anymore! This Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil won’t get your man high (spoiler alert) but will add hydrating antioxidants into his skin! Plus, it makes for a super easy addition to any skincare routine, so there’s no excuse not to use it!

11. – Abercrombie Men’s Heavyweight Mockneck Puffer Jacket

Even living in California, a puffer jacket is essential in the wintertime. I love this one by Abercrombie – it’s chic, stylish, and timeless, so it’ll look good for years to come!

12. – Monos 23-inch Carry-On Suitcase

With traveling finally coming back into the equation, it’s time to update your man’s luggage situation! This 23-inch carry-on by Monos is the perfect size for packing light or just taking a weekend away, and is both stylish and practical!

13. – Flavors of the World Hot Sauce Sampler

Now, hear me out: this would be a great stocking stuffer, White Elephant gift, or even a gag gift! But this Hot Sauce Sampler is a fun gift for anyone who loves to kick up the heat! This could even be fun as an advent calendar, where you try a new hot sauce every day.

14. – Marshall Standmore II Bluetooth Speaker

If your man is music-oriented, then a good bluetooth speaker is a “must”. This one by Marshall, aka the iconic amplifier maker, is the creme de la creme in sound quality, and is the perfect gift for any musician or music fan.

15. – Flikr Portable Fireplace

What’s cooler than a portable fire place?! This one by Flikr is safe for indoors, and will bring a warmth and comfort to your home, especially if you don’t own a traditional fireplace!

16. – Moleskin Pen + Ellipse Smart Writing Set

Moleskin notebooks are arguably the best notebooks on the market, but this new writing set takes things to the next level. With the bluetooth technology in the notebook and pen, you can sync your notes between your phone and your notebook, so you can keep everything organized in one place!

17. – Marino Wool Calf Socks

Good wool socks are always a “must” for men, and Bonobos socks are top-tier. This set is super high-quality, and would also make for a great stocking-stuffer gift!

18. – Cordless Power Drill Set

According to my husband, every man loves a power drill. Don’t ask me why, but apparently they all share this belief! I don’t know much about power tools, but this one got the stamp of approval, so I’ll take that as a sign that this would make a great gift.

19. – Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack

Now that offices are going back to being open, why not send him back to work in style? Fjallraven backpacks are classics, and this one is perfect for fitting a laptop and other work essentials!

20. – Aesop “Shine” Hair and Beard Oil

And finally, the last item of our men’s gift guide is a high-quality hair and beard oil. This one is by Aesop too, and would be perfect bundled with the cologne!

And that is IT! All 80 items in this year’s Kalejunkie gift guide. Did you find gifts for your loved ones on this list? I would love to know! Tag me in an Instagram story of your holiday gift haul, or of your loved ones unboxing their gifts, so I can see and re-share! xx


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