5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Your Workouts

 February 12, 2019


I get asked a lot how I find time to workout and stay motivated with my workouts, especially juggling two littles, my job, and maintaining a household. I think a lot of us can relate; we all have so many responsibilities, it’s much easier to blow things off than to stick with them. but I do it and I stay consistent because I PRIORITIZE my workouts and because I focus on how I will feel AFTER.

here are my top 5 tips for staying motivated:

1 Plan in advance

I find that sitting down on Sundays and mapping out my workouts for the week and adding them to my calendar helps. of course if I wake up and I’m not feeling it that day, I adjust. but having some kind of structure is a good thing more often than not.

2 Lay out your gear the night before

If I lay out what I want to wear to the gym the night before, I’m not scrambling the morning of, and it also makes me put a little thought into what I will be wearing, because when you look and feel good in what you are wearing, your workout will be better, GUARANTEED. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your clothes, what matters is how you feel in what you are wearing.

3 Find activities that you enjoy doing

Personally, I am not a home workout person. I get bored and quit. I thrive on the energy of others around me, So group classes are IT for me, whether that’s HIIT, Barry’s, boxing, etc. If you prefer working out solo, do it! But sometimes getting that little extra pep in your step from others, it’s the difference between an OK workout and a KILLER one.

4 Fuel properly before and after

There is nothing worse than having a sucky workout because you forgot to eat something. I find that a 1/2 banana & a handful of almonds 30 minutes before my workout powers me through. Find what works best for you. After your workout, refuel! this allows your muscles to repair and reduces soreness the next day. My go to post workout is a smoothie with added BCAAs and glutamine.

5 Remember your WHY

Sometimes a workout just sucks. Know that tomorrow will be better, and that while it might not have been fun, you did it for your health!



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